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Central African Elephant Hawaiian Style Shirt

Central African Elephant Hawaiian Style Shirt

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This amazing, one of a kind Central African Elephant Hawaiian Shirt represents some of the raw beauty of the Central African Rainforest. This shirt focuses on both forest and savannah elephants, which are found across central africa. All of the plants and tree species in this imagery are native plants found in the congo basin. 

African elephants face numerous threats from ivory poaching to climate change to human-wildlife conflict. These elephants have faced catastrophic population declines, with estimates ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 elephants being killed for their tusks annually. Together, we're working to help wild elephants by partnering with local conservation organizations working to protect critical landscapes and habitats. By purchasing this shirt, you're directly raising awareness and critical funds to protect wild elephants through our 15% donation of profits on the sale of this product. 

In addition to the monetary impact, you get the best elephant themed hawaiian shirt on the internet. What's not to like? 

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Central African Elephant Hawaiian Style Shirt Short Sleeve 
Size  Chest Neck Waist
Small 35-37 14-14.5 29-31
Medium 38-40 15-15.5 32-34
Large 41-43 16-16.5 35-37
Xtra Large 44-46 17-17.5 38-40