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The Race

Folks, sloths are facing numerous threats from usage in the illegal pet trade, to deforestation and habitat fragmentation. We need to be doing more to help protect wild sloths. That's why Pangols is launching a 5k to help benefit their conservation. 

We're organizing, to our knowledge, the first 5k to benefit sloths in partnership with the Sloth Conservation Foundation. On November 3rd, please run with us, to help conserve sloths! Here's how to do it.

1. Register at Race Entry.

2. Register to fundraise on Givebutter.

3. Start collecting donations! The more you fundraise, the better! We're asking for people to raise $200 to start.

4. Also, check out the Facebook event here!


If you want to run remotely, purchase a race entry here on Pangol's website. You will be sent a race t-shirt and a medal closer to the date of the race.