Pangols launched in November 2017 as an e-commerce site working with communities to better protect wildlife by sourcing and selling sustainable products. Wildlife conservation is a complex issue, and wildlife is part of the world's heritage. We want to work to create opportunity for those who live in some of the most critical areas and regions for wildlife conservation to create economic opportunity, creating disincentives for harmful environment practices through sustainable enterprise. 

In addition to sourcing our products from these areas, we will also take 15% of the profits made from our products to be donated to wildlife conservation groups operating near where we source from. So when you purchase from Pangols, you also: create jobs, encourage sustainable enterprise and practices and directly help wildlife conservation efforts. We also want to be as transparent as possible to showcase our partners and how the money from the sales of your products are protecting wildlife in their native habitats. At present, 100% of our product line comes from elephant range countries in Africa and Asia. 

For us to partner with a community/organization to bring new products to you, we have to determine whether or not the product meets what we call The Three E's:

Entrepreneurial: Does this product create greater economic opportunity for the community we are working with? Can we assist these community members in growing their local economies through greater partnerships?

Ethical: Can the product be produced in a way that is beneficial for all parties and does not have an adverse environmental impact? Can we create our products with integrity and accurate information? Does this product help preserve local traditions and practices?

Environmental: Can the products be made sustainably? Is there a measurable, positive impact from the creation of this product? Can this product directly lead to a reduction in negative environmental impacts? 

Together, we believe through working with communities, sustainable enterprise and directly donating to critical conservation work, we can make a lasting change for people, wildlife and landscapes. The question is, will you join us on this journey?


 The Pangols Team