Eleboo Bamboo Straws (5)

Eleboo Bamboo Straws (5)

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Plastic straws are continually part of an unsustainable world. Pangols is striving to bring a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Introducing the Eleboo Bamboo straws!

Eleboo Bamboo Straws come from Chiang Rai, Thailand an area of critical environmental importance and one that is facing threats due to development along the Mekong River. The sales of these straws not only help to create jobs in the region, but also help to protect elephants.

By partnering with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, based where we source the bamboo straws from, we help assist them in their work in elephant welfare and protecting elephants in protected areas. Together, we can help make a difference for people and wildlife!

This set of five bamboo straws will go great with any juice, cocktail, wine, smoothie or any drink that you can think of. These straws are reusable and sustainable, such as with using a straw cleaner (soon to be available) and washing in warm soapy water. In addition, it is recommended that the straws also be cleaned monthly by boiling water with a bit of vinegar for a few minutes for a more through cleaning. 

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