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Beaded Pangolin Ornament
Beaded Pangolin Ornament

Beaded Pangolin Ornament

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This beautiful, handmade Pangolin ornament comes from Northern Kenya in partnership with the Northen Rangelands Trust. Pangolins face threats mainly from the illegal wildlife trade for markets both in Africa and Asia. Due to their nature, pangolins are little studied and not much is known about their population status among the different pangolin species. It has been estimated that between 400,000 and 2,700,000 pangolins are captured for trade each year in Central Africa and Western Africa alone. 

This ornament was made using beads and bead working techniques that have been in use for over 200 years. By purchasing this ornament, not only are you making memories that last a lifetime, you're also contributing to economic development and promoting greater co-existence with people and wildlife. In addition, we take 15% of the profits on this product and donate it directly to organizations and conservancies working to conserve wildlife near where this product comes from. 

By purchasing this pangolin, you are strengthening opportunities for people living with wildlife around protected areas. The sale of this product and others like it allow women of the Samburu tribe to earn income and live their traditional lifestyles. Together, we're creating economic opportunity and protecting wildlife. Thank you for purchasing with Pangols!

*Each product is unique and will not be exactly the same as the product in the image, due to variations in the design depending on the artist.

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